1. Our fleet consists of AVD VD5000™ skid drills.

  2. Our drills have the ability to easily reach the depth of 2000 m in N rods. The components of the drills we use have also been tested at depths of more than 3400 m in N historically. We can also drill in diameter B, N, H, P and optionally in S.

  3. Of course. It is a must nowadays.

  4. We use recent D6N and D6R bulldozers. These respectively have an ideal weight/power ratio for better flotation, as well as all the power needed to perform effective mobilizations.

  5. We have worked with our suppliers and meticulously chosen the best possible options for the performance and comfort of our employees. Our drills are equipped with rod manipulators and run on biodegradable oil. We also do regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. Put this in the hands of the best drillers in the industry and you are sure to succeed.

  1. Whether the answer is yes or no, we strongly suggest that you contact us. We could keep your application in anticipation of our growth. There could also be last-minute opportunities for you. Contact us and let us get to know each other!

  2. 14/7 – 14 days on site for 7 days off. There are three rotating teams per drill. Exceptionally, 10/4 or 5/2 could be used in the summer, but it has become rarer.

  3. Diafor is trying to concentrate its activities in or around the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. But we have the experience and are also prepared to carry out mandates in remote areas.

  4. That is our goal. At this time, we do not see any potential for interruption in mineral exploration drilling in the short to medium term. Also, in addition to having a great reputation, we are ECOLOGO™ certified. As part of our business plan, it is important to make every effort to distinguish ourselves and always be a contractor of choice for mineral exploration companies. For all these reasons and many more, we are very confident that we will not run out of work soon.

  5. The base salary at an hourly rate with time and a half spent 40 hours, a bonus per metre drilled, a group RRSP plan with an employer contribution among the highest in the industry, group insurance with dental insurance paid largely by the employer, and above all a lot of fun at work and a sense of accomplishment!

  1. Diafor was founded in December 2020, but was officially launched on March 17, 2021.

  2. We want to surround ourselves with motivated, resourceful and innovative people, who love to learn and who are autodidacts, because in this profession, we learn every day. To this, we would add a good attitude and effective communication skills; that is what we are looking for.

  3. Although the company was founded in 2020, the story of all those who work for it began several decades ago. Indeed, the story of Diafor began

    • in the early ’80s, when Marc-André started working in the field of drilling
    • or in 2003, when Mathieu started working as a driller’s assistant at the age of 14 during his summer school holidays
    • or in 2012, when the idea of launching a drilling company began to sprout in his mind.
  4. Our administrative base is located on the Cadillac fault in Riviere-Héva, while our operational base is located in Malartic, at a stone’s throw from the Canadian Malartic Mine.

  5. We currently have two drills in our fleet. Our goal is not to offer a large number of drills, but rather to maintain an impeccable quality of service to our customers and an excellent working climate to our employees. We will pursue responsible growth by meeting these two main criteria.

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