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Diamond coring

Diafor is a surface diamond drilling company operating in Eastern Canada, i.e., in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Diafor is made up of professionals with varied profiles, which gives it a 360° expertise recognized in Eastern Canada. Working with Diafor means collaborating with a tight-knit team, inspiring leaders and passionate employees. It also means having access to a turnkey service, high-performance and reliable tailor-made equipment. Not to mention impeccable project management and optimized communication to ensure optimal execution of its clients’ projects.

High-performance equipment

Diafor’s fleet of equipment was selected based on our experience and employees. Our drills are custom-made, but operated by us, to guarantee their efficiency, reliability and longevity. Our support equipment is efficient, ergonomic and safe.

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We use the best drills in the industry. We chose robust and reliable drills, which are also used worldwide by several large companies. In short, at Diafor we spend most of our time drilling.

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Support equipment

Our support equipment has been manufactured according to our specifications. Thus they have unique storage and ergonomic characteristics, thus promoting efficient and safe operations.

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We operate a fleet of Caterpillar™ D6N and D6R LGP wide blade dozers. The D6N model has an ideal power-to-weight ratio that gives it better flotation, while the D6R has all the power needed to perform productive mobilizations.

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Complementary equipment and services

Diafor has developed a variety of complementary turnkey services to meet its customers’ needs. Indeed, Diafor has a good deal of state-of-the-art equipment.


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Looking for
new challenges?

Are you passionate about nature? Are you ready for new challenges? Join our team.


At Diafor, we focus on the well-being of our employees, because we know that we would be nothing without each member of our team. That is why we offer the best conditions in the industry and we listen to your needs and ideas. Diafor is a company that continues to grow and innovate thanks to its human management method, where you will also be able to grow professionally.

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Our corporative

  1. At Diafor, we are proud of our origins, our background, our family of employees and our achievements.


    We seek for constant improvement, state-of-the-art equipment and meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations!

  2. Our vision: to become the industry leader in diamond coring and to be recognized as such.


    Our goal is to assemble an elite diamond coring team that will be with us for the long term. We also focus on knowledge transfer and in-house training for our next generation. All this embellished with a human, innovative and authentic management method.

  3. We are convinced that a high and consistent level of communication ensures an in-depth understanding of mandates and issues, both internally and externally, and continuity in operations.


    At Diafor, we are transparent with our customers and employees at each step of the process.

  4. We do our best to be as efficient as possible, to have the least downtime and to spend most of our time drilling, because that is what we do best.


    That is why our entire organizational culture is oriented towards our customers, and our employees work hard to offer you a constant and quality drilling flow.

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    We are here for you!

    Whether you are looking for a new challenge, willing to collaborate with us, or to learn more about Diafor, contact us.


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